About M-M Consulting

Our services aim to support and grow the profitability of our clients’.

Our core focus is client satisfaction and developing long term client relationships. MM Consulting provides solutions for businesses no matter what stage your company is at. As a new business we can help you plan your business goals and generate sales leads. As an established business, we can help you with your daily activities from managing your IT infrastructure and needs to your HR requirements.

Our staff are passionate about what we do, we share in our clients’ passion to see their dreams come to life and we have an experienced, results orientated management team. The combination of all these factors is what makes us successful at our business.

MM Consulting Services was initially started as a one-man business with our focus on providing sales leads to the long- and short-term insurance industry. As our client base grew so did the demand for our services and we were proud to branch off into a variety of other industries and provide a host of new services, all with the intention of helping other businesses be successful at what they do.

We have had the privilege of helping start-ups grow into larger profitable businesses and we have been entrusted to carry out support services for some of the larger brands both locally and globally. Whilst our brand has grown, we always remember our humble beginnings and nurturing new businesses locally will always be at the forefront of our offering.